Blood Queen: First Thoughts

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So last night we had our first attempts on BQL. We didn’t get many solid attempts in on her due to one of our DPS having to leave for the 25Prog run towards the end of the night, but overall we got some very nice learning experience even rolling with a 9 man setup, which gave us first hand insight to the mechanics and how to handle them.

Our first pull we went in with 2 healers. The first 10 seconds went pretty well, our rogue got the bite as planned, however I wasn’t expecting the absurd aura that BQL shits out on us right off the bat. I knew via word of mouth there was alot of damage, but for some reason I just wasn’t expecting it. Since it was our first shot and a few people hadn’t read up on it much, ontop of the unexpected incoming damage, we wiped probably a good 2 minutes into the pull, which I believe happened after a Pact of the Darkfallen between a melee and me that wasn’t really closed as quick as it should have been, and I ate the big one before I could reach him.

Our second pull, our Resto Druid went balls to the wall on healing when the fight started to keep up with the damage, and our rogue wasn’t able to surpass him in threat quick enough. So bite #1: On a healer. Raid, meet enrage timer. Needless to say since we were still new to the fight, and we were still running 2 healers, we didn’t make it that far, but there was no real recovery from that situation.

Third pull, our DPS dropped and we decided to have our Shadow Priest flop to Disc and assist with the damage, and just get the encounter mechanics on lockdown. To combat the healer bite issue, we had 2 rogues, our first was ToTTing the Primary Bite, while I believe the second held off because he knew he needed to be second. A few seconds in, BQL turned around and bitch slapped him, and our Drood took the bite again. This attempt we lasted much longer tho, and people started to see the residual bite mechanic when hungry for blood, to get in touch with how to handle that. We had at least one airphase this attempt.

Our next shot, we had our one Rouge TotT the Primary Bite like last time, but held off a smidge, while the Primary Rogue threw TotT on the tank. This worked beautifuly, and the rogue took the bite. The fight from that point on went very well. The damage was very manageable, and bites were going in order (from what I could tell) properly. We had at least 2 Air Phases this attempt, and were drawing close to the enrage timer. I believe we wiped when our Druid went to bite someone who was too closely clustered to another during an airphase, and needless to say chained bloodbolt.

We may have had another attempt in there, infact I’m sure we did but I don’t really remember it.

My first impressions:

Overall, healing wise, it was a very, VERY fun fight. I think we may have been a little hasty switching to 3 healers so quickly, but having a 3rd does help to smooth out the raid-wide damage very nicely. I’d have to say that given a few weeks of kills on her, going to 2 healers for a quicker kill will probably be do-able, but for now 3 seems to be the way to go.

The encounter mechanics are also very interesting and very fun to deal with. The whole bite system is kinda refreshing, and for some reason I enjoy effects like “Pact of the Darkfallen”.

Overall, This fight seems very simple with good DPS, and I don’t think we will have any issues taking her down with some good solid attempts at her.

P.S.: This fight gets +100 rep for BQL not sparkling.


ICC10 thus Far

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So I’ve been running ICC10 the past few weeks. We’re making good progress for the limited time we have to put in, and I’m enjoying the new and interesting mechanics as well as the ramped up difficulty curve compared to the last tier (ToC10 bored the shit out of me. I still run it/25 because the wow gods find it cute for me to be carrying around a 219 Ulduar shield) but anyways…

A little run down on our group. For the most part were 10man geared. Nothing fantastic, were not sporting 258Heroics or very many 262ICCs. A few of us have averaged out to about 251+ now, a few of us are in (for the most part) all 245-262, and a few of us not so much. Overall were about “appropriately” geared for the zone, and in no way overgearing it. We have a solid 8 regular attenders, and our last 2 spots are usually open for grabs for interested parties. These factors tend to make learning encounters a bit more difficult, and we usually spend a very gracious amount of new boss attempts jumping on ye olde spectral gryphon and stopping by Tirion’s Chop Shop to get our shit fixed.

Obviously, the first 4 Bosses of ICC are of no real trouble. On top of them not being that hard mechanic wise, we’ve had a fair amount of kills on them and clearing them out in a timely matter every week is quite trivial. The only problem we had recently was having to adjust on Saurfang due to limited pbAoE snares and teaching the fight to a ranged that had never done it, but it only took one attempt to adjust and get back on track.

The Plague Wing posed some problems at first tho, namely Rotface. There was a bit of a learning curve on getting the Ooze kiting down perfectly, as well as knowing that you needed to be aware of not only getting the disease, but where to run to while looking out for Slime Spray and Putricide dumping his green gunk on the outskirts of the room. Now that we are all intouch with the encounter, killing him is usually on a one-shot basis, but we do have random wipes here and there.

Festergut… not so much. He was almost a one-shot, and I believe we had him down on the second attempt. We’ve adjusted a bit and are now rolling 2 healers on that fight, and its still a very comfortable, and very fun fight to heal. Glyph of Holy Light, I ❤ You.

Blood Wing, we struggled. We struggled hard. We struggled harder. Council was giving us alot of issues, and thats one of those fights where a few minor details can add up very quick in the grand scheme of things. It took us a few, well, hours to get a lock on the encounter, but we saw alot of positive progress last night, which eventually lead to their downfall.

Things that were kinda holding us back:

Ranged tank was only picking up 3-4 orbs: I believe this was a mis-communication error from early attempts on the fight. So Empowered Shadow Lance was hitting alot harder than it should have been. Granted 3-4 is fine with a full specced tank on him, but with the combination of other things going wrong, it made it hard to recover from sometimes. Last nights attempts he was picking up 6-7, holding a proper Nuclei monopoly, and outgoing damage on him was for the most part, a joke compared to previous attempts.

Range Issues: This was pretty much just due to the layout we had established and the primary positioning of the healers. We had me off to the far right, healing the tank that was on The Fire Prince, and beacon healing the tank on the Middle Guy. When the target switch would happen, there were alot of times that I wasn’t able to get into range of the Ranged tank quick enough to assist, which combined with the issue above, as well as general range issues from the other healers, made tank go splat more times than desired.

We eventually inverted the positioning and creating a triangle pattern, with the middle vampire near the center/entrance, and I switched to healing the ranged tank full time with beacon on the MT, and a Disc Priest taking care of the Fire tank, and our Druid taking care of anything he could. This worked out much better for our comp.

Vortexes: We run with a Frost Mage (Who actually does very respectable single target DPS, but totes around an Arcane dual-spec if we need it) and in addition to this, she’s usually the only raid member that has a permanent pet out. How we were handling the vortexes was basicly using a /targetexact macro I made for her, which sends her pet in and it goes to town. Its like Ronco shit, set it and forget it, come back and get your perfect rotisserie. However, there’s no way for mages to heal their pet, and none of us healingstuff types run with pet frames turned on because usually any pet that is of any importance is easily healed via it’s master (Mend Pet/Warlock Talents, etc). So tldr; pet dies, dont notice it right away in the flurry of shit flying everywhere, Balls drop, people fly back and go boom, tanks splat, try again next time, insert 50¢.

We turned pet frames on and tossed good old Slushie, the fastest Water Lancer in the West, emergency heals/hots when it needed it, and the vortexes because much less of an issues. We did have occasions where they would appear to double up for a bit and we would have one drop at random spots, but overall the issue was resolved and they were easily avoidable.

After we ironed out these rough edges, the encounter kinda just perfectly fell together, which is exactly what’s supposed to happen. It’s very much an endurance and situational awareness test for those who don’t over gear it, and I’m very happy with that. One of my favorites in ICC so far. Good show Blizzard, good show indeed.

So, BPC 1000000 something, Us 1. Go us!


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I has a beacon.