About Me – Inversity

Herro. I play a Holy Paladin on the US-Llane server of WoW. This is pretty much just my place to words words words about boring shit most of my friends don’t care about and pretty much respond with resounding grunts of disapproval.

For a little background tho, I come from a fairly dedicated/hardcore raiding history, but have backed off a bit in the past year due to things in Real Life. I pretty much just run 10 raids now, but I still get the hunger to spam heals in 25s here and there. Old habits are hard to break. Maybe I’ll get back into it someday, as right now I have no real regards against it anymore.

I’ve been raiding in MMOs since good old Naggy and Vox in EQ. Ah, the good old days of yore of being a buffbot and pretending I can DPS. I raided pretty constantly, even got some server and ww firsts! I do miss from time to time places like Guk, Seb, ToV, Srra, … but some things are best left to die 😛

But most of my time now is just spent dicking around and raiding when I get the chance. But I still but a fairly large amount of effort and thought into what I do, because its what I find fun. And I find healing to be a great challenge, and something you can really optimize and excel in, even if you’re the only one that notices it firsthand.

Enjoy. Or Don’t. But feel free to argue about shit. I’m fairly open to debate.


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