Reflections Since 3.0/Tanking/DPS

So this isn’t much about healing. But thats ok since most of my time I’ve spent on wow hasn’t been healing. To be fair, most have it has been spent living in a cardboard box next to the bank in org (Like the time I spent 3 days straight putting up a guild website and just afked in my spot).

I’m a tank. No mater how hard I spam Holy Light, no matter how indepth I get with healing strategies, I’m a big fucking meat shield.  Playing on my warrior was the best time I had on this game.

So why am I playing a paladin now? Good question.

Its a bit of a story. Alot of it comes down to how the game has changed and how moving to a new server with friends can royaly fuck how much raiding you do. When you’re sticking with your friends and building from scratch, you have to work with the bottom of the barrel. And unfortunatly, the bottom of the barrel isn’t pretty all the time.

It pretty much begins with 3.0. Now, 3.0 was a pretty awesome patch. Achievements. Stat conversions. The lolhp debuff to BC raidbosses for zerg hillarity moments. Talent reworks. You get the idea. The problem is tho, that it really hurt tanking.

Now, thats a double edged sword when I say that. The patch in reality made tanking better. For me tho, It almost ruined it.

Some background: I had warrior tanking on fucking lockdown. I’m not trying to say I was any kind of definative paragon of warrior perfection, as I know where my faults lie at all times and don’t really like to boast. But for the most part, those faults were non-existant on my warrior. One of my prime joys as a warrior was, I was a TPS MONSTER. Now, warrior tanking back then at its core was fucking braindead simple: Shield Slam, Revenge, Dev, Dev. Repeat until your fingers fell off. The game with warrior TPS tho, was boosting the shit out of your TPS via Intelligent Rage Management and Smart Gearing. Being able to keep a flawless rotation, keeping TC, Demo, and Commanding up, and utilizing any remaining time to pump out HS and Cleave ontop of any other kind of utility available, and NOT be raged starved when things like Shield Block came off cooldown, is what made the role fun for me.

Now granted, I never got to the point in BC where I was blowing my TPS load on Brutallus and the ungodly horror of haste scalled warlocks and warriors creeping up on me constantly. I took a break during BT and my guild went on to Sunwell without me, which is when I came back and transfered.  But even in BT, the scaling was starting to get out of hand, and pushing my TPS to the limit was still what made tanking what it was.

The moment I really worried tho, wasn’t long after the launch of 3.0. Since the new achievement system was out, I was going gung-ho on getting shit done. One of the first things I did was go back and clear all the old dungeons, easy points! Well, during that spree of dungeons I did deadmines, and looted Cookie’s Tenderizer off of Cookie at the end of the instance.

Now if you don’t know what Cookie’s Tenderizer is, its basicly the most awesome weapon in the game…. its a fucking rolling pin. It doesn’t get much better than that.

So later that night we decided that since BC bosses were a damn joke now, we’d go and hit ZG and see if we couldn’t get an easy 4 chest run in. So we start off, we’re chugging along at record speed. Everything is sticking to me like glue, which normaly is the case so I didn’t think much of it at the time. We Kill Akilzon, we Kill Nallorak. We’re heading down to Jan’alai’s trash, and I open up my character pane to check something, when i see….

Cookie’s Tenderizer.

Are you fucking serious? Did I just tank that with a level 15ish blue and have the grand sum of ZERO threat isseus? Despite me being completely dumbfounded, I had to tell everyone what just happened, and Cookie’s Tenderizer became even more epic in what it stood for.

But from that day onward, it just got worse, and worse and worse.

Shattered Halls? I used to revel in that shit. Taking in a group of puggers and mass pulling orcs, watching them freak out, then slowly realize that I knew what the fuck I was doing: Awesome. Now? lolthundercrate and spam cleave. Collect epic gem tokens. Go cry in a corner.

Magister’s Terrace? Best run I ever had in there was 2 days after it came out. Made a group for heroic for that fucking stamina trinket. Got a rogue, enhancement shaman, and a fury warrior as DPS with a shaman healer. Of course these guys were like “WTF no CC???”. I told them to just relax, it’s not as hard as everyone bullshits about, and we steamrolled it. I had to put a decent ammount of effort into how I tanked to accomplish something like that with no disasters. After 3.0? Might as well renamed the place Slave Pens.

Of course, alot of this was tributed to Blizzard’s change of heart on how punishing they were to their players, to keep people from ragequitting because they had to gear up 3 tiers of content to hit the good shit and no one ever ran the crap. But this continued into wotlk. Heroics were still easy. TPS was a joke. I was outdamaging 95% of the DPSers overall in my pugs. It was kinda a let down.

So now I had a paladin floating at level 70 that I head with a bit in BC. And now, we needed healers. And the healers we had? Well… I only could put faith in one on them, but I still didn’t trust him. He liked to randomly go afk or jump for no reason during spike damage spots and then laugh about it when i died.

Introduce Inversity to WotLK.

And since then, it stuck. I took it at full force and did what I could to never be one of those healers that was just god awful. So far, I’d have to say its gone well. I’m still learning, I have my minor flaws here and there, but it’s been fun, a new experience, and quite the challenge at times.

Part of me still pines to tank things tho. Luckily I’m at the point where I’m spending my frosts on prot gear because I’m done with the holy badge items availabe, and I have a couple of really nice tanking items from ICC set aside (Last Word! =D), so I rebuilding my set back up and gonna bust out some tanking soon, when I can. Nothing serious, just here and there.

Will it be the same? Nope. Paladin tanking is an absolute joke. And for me, tanking is the lowest resonsiblity role in the raid, so there goes that factor right out the window in comparison to healing. As I side note, I really have no clue why people view the role having so much responsibility. Healers and even DPS have more responsiblity in fights.

But, I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do in Cataclysm. I enjoy all 3 factors of the holy trinity, Healing, Tanking, and DPSing. I often wonder if my love for TPS pushing would translate really well into pushing DPS. I know that the times I did get to DPS during wotlk, I put alot of people to shame with my offset, hodgepodge ret gear. And ret isn’t really that strong in DPS. Also, ret is the most mindfuckingly boring thing I have ever played. I really have the option of playing any DPS for Cataclysm if I so choose, but It’s a hard choice if I should or not.

And then I wonder if going back to tanking is the way to go. It’s what I know, It’s what I did best. But is it better to just leave it behind me, and leave the tanking I knew to rest?

Or is sticking with healing the way to go for me? It’s definatly been the most intellectual gameplay so far, but It’s one hell of a drag seeing just bars of health for 90% of the fight instead of being able to actually watch the encounter and see the things going on.

It’s a tough call. I want to make a decision before cataclysm comes, and stick with it. So until then, I think I’ll be dwelling on this and experiementing.


~ by Genghis Khan's Dick on March 26, 2010.

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