BQL – Round 2

So last night we went back into ICC, and at the end of the night we had time for one Blood Queen attempt. Sadly, one of our shamans DCed as we were going over our strat, and never came back, so we had to 9 man it (as well as 2 heal it).

However, things went wonderfully until right before the second airphase when our blood mirror tank dropped, and then a few seconds later people chaining BBWhirl during the second air phase while trying to get off bites. We ended up having her at about 20% at this point, and this was without our rogue or DK getting bit first.

We learned some interesting things during the attempt and not long after it tho, which will surely help tonight in kicking her ass:

#1 – Primary bite target: I think what’s going on here is the designated bite targets are going too crazy with threat and surpassing the blood mirror tank. As far as I can tell (and the general public agrees), she bites whoever is directly below her blood mirror target in threat, which would explain why our shadow priest got the first bite, as well as the previous attempts a week before with our resto druid getting bitten first. So things to work on tonight is – DPS throttling their threat to keep under the OT, and the OT pumping out enough threat to hug the primary tank in TPS output.

#2 – Second air phase & bites: This is pretty much the biggest concern I had, as I knew with a regular bite pattern that people would have to bite during the second airphase, leaving BBWhirl open to chain people that were together to get bites off. But, after a bit of rooting around (and this is really common sense, I should have realized this myself) delaying the first player to player bite as long as possible offsets the bite pattern time enough so that the resulting Air Phase 2 bite period occurs after she’s done Blood Bolting. So just another minor detail we have to make sure gets done.

#3 – Dampen Magic: I was going to tell our mage to dampen the raid (Minus the tanks) for that attempt, but we kinda got distracted by both me configuring the BloodQueen mod, as well as our shaman DCing. I’d imagine for this constant aura fight and other residual DoTesqe magic attacks that Dampen would be a huge boon for us, and make 2 healing it even more comfortable and curve out the “oh shit” moments.

#4 – 2 Healing: As I mentioned in a previous post, I thought we were hasty to switch to a 3 healing setup for this. Turns out I was right (to a possible extent). We found the damage on this fight easily healable by ourselves and residual raid band-aid effects. However, something to take note of is our SPriest was bitten first for this attempt, so the damage boost to buff VE may have made quite the difference in smoothing out the damage curve. We will have to see in application tonight when we get our melee back on the first bite plan.

Our druid did a respectable 9k HPS on this, and I did around 8Kish. Tho, tonight I’m going to try and work on keeping JoL uptime as close to 100% as possible, because it was barely up last night, and having that up could very easily negate the loss of an amplified VE in the event that our Spriest doesn’t take the first bite again.

#5 BloodQueen(mod) – This is fantastic. It was a bit of a hassle to set up because the priority interface is a bit clunky when doing a manual priority, but it worked flawlessly in assigning, warning, and alerting targets when it was time to be bitten, who to bite, who was biting them, and adjusting for deaths. This particular one even had a recount/skada module that bases priority off of the running DPS for the fight, but we decided to go with a fixed priority list to keep it simple and non confusing for learning. Overall fantastic mod tho, and our DPS were very happy with how easily it sorted out the bites for them.

That pretty much covers it. I have no doubt that killing her tonight shouldn’t take more than a few tries. Then it’s on to Dreamwalker (yay!) and then most likely Sindragosa. We’ll be left with her and Putricide at that point (and I’m not really sure why people are so hesitant on him, the fight mechanics seem rather clear cut and aren’t confusing, for me at least. Maybe it’s just alot of information for one fight at once.)

But so far, so good. Give it a few weeks and we’ll be wiping on Arthas =D


~ by Genghis Khan's Dick on March 10, 2010.

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