Cross-Healing, the good, the bad, the wipes.

So yesterday an aquaintance was in ICC10, on Festergut. He’s been having trouble in there with his guild lately, they can’t seem to get him down. I tried to pry as much information out of him to help him out the best I could but he was slow to respond, probably due to just the general chaos and frustration when a semi-unorganized guild receives when they are faced with back to back wipes.

They were running a 3 heal setup. 1 paladin, 2 holy priests. He linked me the meters and the output was quite honestly fine for the attempts, it looked to be enough overall HPS for the encounter. Granted that means jack shit to the success of the encounter, but they were meeting the (overall) HPS requirements.

From what I understand, tanks were dying too early. I did an armory on the tanks and they are appropriately geared, so pretty much it came down to the factor of healing vs. CD usage. After a bit more prying I pretty much determined they had some heavy cross healing going on and weren’t focusing on primary assignments much, most likely due to them not trusting eachother. I know the one priest was very hesitant of the paladin, thinking he basicly sucked.

I told him to try to clean up the raid damage cross healing and assign one person to cover puke targets and the tank, the paladin to beacon the tank and spam the raid, and the other to 50/50 the raid and tank. God knows if they took my advice, but I told him they need to focus primary on the tank on upcoming of the 2nd spore/5stacks and after, and stabilize both tanks when the first reaches 9. I also mentioned rotating GS and Bubble/Sac on the before and after for the transition, but he never responded.

After thinking about this, It just made me realize how glad I am that I run with a healer(s) that understand their roles in the fight and quickly adjust to the situation. Our ICC runs generally don’t result in wipes due to healing factors, it’s ususally wipes due to mechanics. And alot of times we can purely overpower mechanic failures with quick emergency healing (but sometimes you just can’t, like not running quick enough on Sindragosa 😛 Get tuskarrs!) Granted these are only 10s, but rarely do we have to say “Ok, you heal X and I’ll heal X” , we kinda just know who were all going to take care of by the basic mechanics that work the best.

This results in very little cross healing errors, and only for redundancy, as I mentioned in a previous post with Holy Shock snipes. I find it very odd tho, how when we’re 2 healing things, if 2 of the same debuffs go up at the same time, we pretty much have our ways of gravitating towards different targets to heal. I think it’s because I take a “bottom to top” approach to grid, while i’m certain he takes a “top to bottom” approach. Also we’re both very privy to the incoming heal alerts via our mods, so that’s more than likely a plus to this factor. It may not seem concrete, but for encounters where it’s not make or break on these things, it gets the job done.

Tho when we do encounter issues like that, we generally try to split these apart from another to cut back on cross healing. But even with assignments, we still layer the redundancies on each other, regardless of assignment. I know its not an issue of trust, its more an issue of “I want this damn boss dead, keep the deeps alive”

I’m sure there’s better ways to handle these kind of situations than what we do, and we’re always learning. Thats the great thing about this role. It’s not concrete at all. Every fight attempt is always different. The general flow may stay the same, but everything can flip flop at moment’s notice. Learning to adjust and being able to anticipate from where and when the damage is coming is truly what being a healer in application is about.

They never did get festergut down btw. I don’t even think they got close on him. I’m hoping they at least took my advice on how to cut back on their wasteful cross-healing, but this is really the kind of thing you have to work out for yourself and your own team I suppose.


~ by Genghis Khan's Dick on March 9, 2010.

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