Healing Dreamwalker(10) as a Paladin

Dreamwalker is Blizzard’s gift to healers. If you want to get specific tho, Dreamwalker is Blizzard’s gift to Paladins.

By far, this has been one of the more satisfying fights I’ve done. Mainly because the effort I’ve put into my gearing and playstyle optimization finaly get their chance to shine during this fight. I can spam heal all day, but overhealing means jack shit in the long run. I can also snipe heals like a mother fucker (Divine Favor and Holy Shock I lub you), but most of the time that’s not even friggin necessary, I’m just doing it to create redundancies to ensure people don’t die.

Anyways, this fight really allows paladins to show off, because properly healing this as a paladin in the current state of the fight requires a few crafty tricks that will blow up whatever meters you’re using.

For us, we used a 1 Tank, 3 Healer, 6 DPS setup. We found 2 tanks was not necessary at all and almost counter productive. In 10, most of the shit doesn’t need to be tanked, or just get’s kited/stunlocked/shutdown/burned asap.

For the healing setup, we had me taking the portals every time. A resto druid and shaman stayed out and healed the raid and casually tossed heals on Dreamwalker when mana would permit.

The key to healing this fight successfully is capitalizing on a few key mechanics of both the fight, and your own class:

#1: Emerald Vigor – Don’t let this fall off. Ever. Make sure you track it well. I personally use a custom aura in Power Auras that pops up a nice big Green Flame with a stack counter and time counter, so I can play chicken with my stacks if I need to play catch up on the raid when I’m out of the portals. Stack that shit to 30+ and try not to smile like an asshole when you see what your HL is hitting for. It’s hard.

#2: Beacon – BEACON THE DRAGON! Your other healers should be able to handle the raid overall, but your high output HLs will help if they get a little behind. A lot of paladins like to beacon a tank and spam Dreamwalker, but thats a total waste in efficiency, you’re limiting yourself to 2 targets, and if you have to peel off in an emergency, you just lost healing on Dreamwalker.

That said, beacon is tricky here for alot of people, because alot of paladins use focus macros for their beacon. And if you’ve ever done it using those, you know your focus is wiped when you come out of the portal, so you’re fumbling around like a fool trying to get her re-focused and re-beaconed. Best thing to do really is to make a custom macro that targets her, focuses her, and re-beacons her. Stick that somewhere easy to push or if you’re like me, just keybind the damn thing, and refresh it every time you fall out of the portals.

#3: SS + FoL Hot: There’s some crazy double dipping on our spells in this fight due to emerald vigor, and the FoL hot is one of them. I don’t have exact numbers for you, but I received similar results to some posters over at  EJ that were reporting their FoL hot healing for close to 200k. Yes. 200k. Remember that the FoL hot is only supposed to heal for 100% of the FoL over 12 seconds, and I can guarantee I had no 200k FoLs. So once your stacks get high, pop that on her before you hit the portals so you’ve got some running heals on her as you go play bumper cars with the clouds.

#4: Glyph of Holy Light: Another strange double dip mechanic. Glyph of Holy Light is healing for absurd amounts on this fight. I know a concrete number I saw was with a 30 stack, I had no modifier CDs up (were all on CD already), HL hit for 85k, the glyph hit Dreamwalker for almost 50k. Now, the glyph is only supposed to heal for 10% of the HL heal amount, so this is something you want to take advantage of if you’re able to. Stand near her hitbox, beacon her, and spam HL on yourself and watch the HPS fly.

#5 Bring SP gear and some extra Seal Glyphs: Glyph of Seal of Light on this fight is fucking hot. Also, if you have high spell power gear you don’t use that often, throw that on. Don’t be concerned with regen/int, stack SP and Haste like there’s no tomorrow. Also, use the 245 badge libram. Renewal is next to worthless on this fight. You’ll be god mode once the stacks hit 10 concerning mana anyways.

Take advantage of these mechanics and you can easily hit a good 25k+ HPS on the fight, finishing it off nice and quick.


~ by Genghis Khan's Dick on March 8, 2010.

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