4pc T10 is Kinda….Bad.

There. I said it.

Now, when you look at this statement, keep in mind I’m probably never going to touch 25 Hard Mode ICC. Also keep in mind I’m not really gonna touch much of ICC25 normal for a bit, purely because pugging raids is really not on the top of my fun list.

Now, back to the point.

The people in charge of Paladin itemization are a bit wacky. Anyone who knows our librams should know this already. It’s T10 and im still using an ilvl200 libram outside of one gimmick encounter (Dreamwalker – 245Libram). The Frost Badge libram is also probably the most rancid piece of garbage I’ve ever seen as well, even for an FoL build, keeping HS on CD is not top priority, and having to bank on that to keep your spell power up is probably the biggest load of shit I’ve ever seen.

Anyways, on to the tier gear.

So, at first glance our set bonuses seem pretty hot. 2pc is absurdly good, doubling as both a burst heal CD and a very efficient counter to DP if needed.

4pc, I was a bit wary on when I first looked at it tho.

So, on paper, this is how it reads:

• (4) Set: Your Holy Shock spell causes the next Holy Light you cast within 10 sec to have 0.3 sec reduced cast time.

So, sounds great right? For a class thats all about throughput, hasting a HL should increase overall healing output and keep everyone alive better yar? Remember how we cried when IoL got it’s HL haste component nerfed to a crit modifier? (It really needed it tho honestly)

Not really. Here’s why!

Our tier set is pretty terribly itemized. Only 3 of the pieces are itemized well, that being: Head, Shoulder, and Chest. Note that I say itemized well, but they are all missing one gem slot versus their not tier set counterparts of similar ilvl. These 3 pieces are haste/crit.

The other 2 pieces are crit/mp5, and are also one gem short of their counterparts.


Simple, is the loss of pure stats for a (very) situational set bonus even worth it?

Now, to make up for my terrible napkin math from the last post that really didn’t prove much, I went ahead and set up 2 wowhead profiles. One for 2pc T10, one with 4pc. The gear sets include 10HC ICC as well as two pieces from ToC25HC.

4PC: http://www.wowhead.com/?profile=20938609

2PC: http://www.wowhead.com/?profile=20938606

The 2PC set has 938 haste. The 4pc has 772 haste.


With 2PC:
938 haste(28.61%)+Judgement haste proc(15%);
(1-0.2861)*(1-0.15)=0.606815 cast time coefficient; 1-0.606815=0.393185;
Result: 39.3185% haste
2.0 HL base cast time (with light’s grace).
2*(1-0.393185)=1.21363 hasted cast.

With 4PC:
772haste(23.554%)+Judgement haste proc(15%);
(1-0.23554)*(1-0.15)=0.649791 cast time coefficient; 1-0.649791=0.350209;
Result: 35.02% haste
1.7HL base cast time (with light’s grace and 4pc proc);
1.7*(1-0.3502)=1.10466 hasted /procced HL cast
2*(1-0.3502)=1.2996 hasted HL cast without tier proc.

So as we see, going with 4pc over 2pc sees a netloss of .08597 2 seconds on a HL cast. Really when you look at this on paper, it doesnt seem to be a big deal, but lets go over the course of a 5 minute fight.

We assume that you are chain casting HL, and have enough sources of mana regeneration to sustain this for 5 minutes.

1.21363 Speed: 5min = 300 Seconds / 1.21363  = 247 Casts

1.2996 Speed: 5min = 300 Seconds / 1.302 = 230 Casts

Thats a huge loss in sustained throughput. Assuming non crits for 18k average, you just lost 306,000 healing, or 1020 HPS.

But what about the situational haste of 4pc?

As you can see above, the actual gains of the 4pc tier bonus is NOT .3 seconds considering gear options. its actually only .10897 (give or take your gear). So that right there is almost enough to throw the damn setbonus out the window.

Modeling this is a bit trickier. Mainly because of Illumination of Light. Since on crit we get an instant FoL, this should be prioritized over a HL due to faster burst healing.

So lets model this (or attempt to):

Lets go out on a crazy limb and assume you use HS on CD without breaking a HL cast (lol). Were also going to keep it simple and assume no crits from any casts. This “rotation” would be HLx4 + HS. Combined rotation (God i hate saying that in regards to healing) cast-time including the GCD is 6.4124 seconds

So 300 / 6.4124 = 46 Holy Shocks

Number of Holy Lights = 46 * 4 = 184 Holy Lights

Assuming 10k average for HS and 18k average for HL =3,772,000 healing (give or take, its a bit rough)

Spam Healing with HL & 2pc = 4,446,000 healing.

Big. Fuckin. Difference.

To add the final cherry on top, roughly 45% (give or take with your raid buffed crit%) of those Holy Shocks should have their crit IoL procs burned with an instant FoL because it’s more efficient burst/safer healing, basicly keeping tank heals consistent to smooth spikes and provide better raid utility. So that right there cuts the effectiveness of the bonus basicly in half before considering anything else.


In the end, people out there will still argue up and down the the 4pc bonus is godly even after seeing this breakdown. But really, How many times do you HS on a fight? Guaranteed its not 45, not 40, not 35, not even 30 (lol keep going Ron Popeil)… you get where I’m going. Then factor in you’re burning your IoL on a FoL when it procs. Where are the gains? You’re actually gimping yourself in output.

Now of course note, that hasted HL could be what saves the day. COULD BE. But you ever find yourself in a situation where the stars align under a blue moon while a pig flies over the horizon shitting out a winning lottery ticket? .. Exactly. Don’t bank on it. If you’re gonna play the estimates game, estimate how much more controlled the damage would be if you weren’t sacrificing so much HPS.

Really tho, alot of it is subjective to the fight. But the 4pc really only seems to favor clusterfuck fights like Putricide. Most other fights woudn’t see much benefit from it, and the benefit gained from a fight like Putricide is questionable at best. Really it comes down to: Is losing sustained HPS worth a situational booster? In most cases, no. There’s 4-6 other healers with you (or 1 or 2 in 10s), they can patch holes just as good as you can. Don’t risk tank death.

So imo: Save your badges, and let the other PPWs get their tokens. They will lub you. Also, keep stealing shaman gear because blizzard sucks at itemization.


~ by Genghis Khan's Dick on March 8, 2010.

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  1. As a side note: This may seem a little confusing overall if you read my last post, since it completely advocated high haste on HL casts. But a situational gain that would really only be utilized a few times a fight, and there’s really no telling if the proc’ed haste would even amount to anything, is not enough of a reason to lose the raw throughput.

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